Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why do home work when the e-net is so much more entertaining?

I find it very hard to concentrate on my home work lately... and always. In the very moment that I have the desire to learn I do not have my materials with me. The the rest of the time I am either at work, taken by my messy apartment: dishes that need to be done, vacuuming, laundry; or my hunger alert tells me I want food immediately and that I need to prepare tomorrow's meals, etc. This is all that I've done instead of doing my homework tonight. In fact this is my usual routine :) I even looked up a recipe and set it out on the counter to make chicken/ bean enchiladas! And now as you see I'm BLOGGING! I never blog but here I am!
I suppose to answer my own question- Education is important and I'd be very naive with out it. I would be stuck at my job now which I've been using as motivation to finish school. And its working... Wow. I'm going to start my home work! I'm excited now! Wierd. You just witnessed a sudden transformation in Camilla. Congratulations! Its rare- unless I want a tuna sandwich :) That's a different story for later though.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alaska Heart Run

I've found its hard on my pride to see an older man with a belly passing me in a race... so with that image grounded in m mind I'm going to make a more thorough effort to get to the gym!

My lungs finally feel like they can take in a sufficient amount of air without hurting.. Finally!
Matt and I had the opportunity to participate in the 2009 Alaska Heart Run at 9am on 4/25. It was a first for the both of us and now that its over I can say that I really did enjoy it. It was Matt's first time ever running a race which I found surprising because he did so much better than myself. There was a point where I needed to walk to catch my breath. Of course he grabbed my hand and walked with me but he could have kept going and had a better finish time. (Just bragging about how awesome my love is:)

The course ran from the starting point at UAA arts building to providence drive, down to the Elmore and Tudor intersection, back track back to providence drive, up through the APU campus where we pop out yet again on providence drive, ending at the UAA art building again. The roads were closed off from traffic and packed full of crowds of people. It was great seeing how many people participate!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"I love being married"


Even though my life has taken so many drastic turns in the last several months, I have loved every minute of life! Matt and I have been reading a book that was given to us as a gift and I'm going to use a phrase that is often repeated "I love being married." It is so wonderful to have some one as thoughtful and supportive by my side as Matt is; my best friend :). He knows how to plaster a huge smile on my face! We were in a huge giggle fit just last night and I don't even know what started it? I think it was one of my "difficult interruptions" during our FHE lesson :)

I haven't been good at updating my blog but I will update just a few of the highlights!

We are back from our amazing honeymoon in Oahu where we did everything from snorkel in Haunama Bay, hike Diamond head and Koko head crater, go swimming with SHARKS!, chillax on the beach, visit the awesome Zoo, take a drive around the island etc.
Below: Sand shark 3miles out from Hilawa, Hawaii!Below: Our excited faces after swimming with Sanda sharks and Galapagos sharks. Poor Matt got so sea sick from swallowing so much water. He still kept a smile on though! We are pretty much settled into our place, aside from a few random boxes of rarely used items that are O so important! We have the coolest kitchen-ware thanks to friends and family! We love cooking together on our 'made for two' appliances! Its even better that it doesn't allow for left overs when I convince Matt to try a new recipe that doesn't turn out right ha ha. I think I tried an awful barbecue sauce meat balls with white rice- ewe- made my stomach turn. Sounded good at first but then I added ketchup as I often do and it completely ruined my appetite. I don't know what I was thinking?

Back to our crazy sleepless lives. We have both been out running to work. Matt started back up with the ambulance base and continues to work in the ER also, yet still manages to take his class at UA. I'm only working. I've taken the semester off and will be back for my full schedule come fall term.

Its been nice being able to hang out with family again. We've enjoyed this past weekend with my siblings! :) They have been a great support. Derrick and Christy visited us at our apartment for ice cream and pizza. It was fun laughing with them.
My poor Beverli is so sick and Karl has a damaged knee. I know how Bev feels because I've been getting over the same thing. My only cure for getting over illness has been sleep and these days we can't ever find enough of it. Speaking of.... We "partied" over with Shanda and Jon late Saturday and watched Xmen. Such a great movie!

I almost forgot to mention... We had a wonderful opportunity to listen to speakers on how to improve our marriage Saturday evening at the adult session of Stake Conference. I was so grateful for the chance to have Matt there with me so we can at least remember portions of the genius with the combination of both our memories. We have much to discuss and learn and grow but I know we are headed in the right direction. He is the most patient, understanding and kind man. I am honored to have him by my side. My love, my best friend.

Aren't we the dorkiest couple wearing matching outfits! I bought them last time Beverli and I cruised Hawaii. I never thought that Matt and I would have the opportunity to walk the same beaches where they were purchased. It was truly and amazing opportunity I will be forever thankful for.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok. My statement is very obvious... I have 25 days left till Matt and I tie the knot! It has been so fun planning everything together. We've tried to keep things as simple as possible to lessen the stress as we go about our regular lives.

The HUGE accomplishments:

1) Our announcements are out for the most part. Bev did an amazing job as a photographer! We look like we are photo shopped into the pictures! I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Our photos were taken in -12 degrees F... That's an amazing photographer that will do that :).
2) My dress is practically finished!! I've been spending hours at a time making my wedding dress with the wonderful help of my sister Shanda. I couldn't have done it without her. I spent so many hours over at her house while she fitted the dress. This was after little Parker was only weeks old. Talk about supermom!
3) We are still counting down the days and smiling :)

Our families have been so helpful with making suggestions on how to handle things and making sure we get all the necessary plans made.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yes, this is another post from the request of Jessie. She keeps me on my toes when it comes to the blogging world.
I've never had so many people grab at my hands in my entire life. It reminds me of all those people in the world who automatically grab at a pregnant woman's belly :) Ha ha... Strange side note. But No, I'm not pregnant... My cute sister is which is why I probably thought of the previous remark. I'm going to be an aunt again!

This semester is coming to and end and that means that it's time for Matt and I to start planning the WEDDING! Yes, I said it! We are engaged! I try not to let my excitement show through at work and school so that I don't look like a silly fool but it's hard to concentrate sometimes.

The wonderful day is February 28th, 2009! I am so very happy and lucky to have found such an awesome man to spend my life with.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For all those avid golfers out there!

I wish I could say all of yesterday was absolutely amazing but work was work, at least the evening was awesome! I went on a picnic with Matt by a lake with the classic: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! O ya! I wish I'd taken a picture of the huge grapes we devoured. One word. Hungry! :)
After our lovely picnic we went to a place of miniature business. What is that one might say? Is it a school for tiny people the size of ants?... "This place needs to be at least three times this large!"

No.... The real answer is miniature golfing! It had been years since I'd gone and I'd have to say that we tore the place up! Not really. But if the scoring system was the same as it is in basketball I think I did pretty good. Who would have thought that a tiny whole surrounded by felt grass could be so hard to aim at? I won't mention the scores because, frankly, I made the executive decision to stop keeping count after hole.... 11 ish. I was THAT GOOD! HA Lots of fun! Matt tried making me look better by adding numbers to his score sheet, which I believe he did not earn the way I had! :)

FYI to all those scouters out there interested in helping out this miniature business. You should look into seeing if you can make improvements on this place. I don't think my wrecking balls helped out either.... oops.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is for Jessie! :)

For all those constant reminders; here's lookin at you kid!

I'm very happy with my life and have much to be thankful for!
There hasn't been any recent changes but over all I'm glad to be where I am. I've been working at ASI as a clerk for several months now and like much of the people I work with. With certain events at work I've come to respect those individuals that have a talent for motivating others. It's not an easy process. And I am no good at all in that department!

I've realize how ridiculously nerdy I truly am with my recent discovery about my fascination with learning about infectious diseases. I learned about Botox treatments ( non cosmetic) just last night and had the opportunity to seek out further knowledge from professionals. Its very intriguing how a poison (C. botulinum) may be both beneficial and deadly. Its truly perplexing!