Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why do home work when the e-net is so much more entertaining?

I find it very hard to concentrate on my home work lately... and always. In the very moment that I have the desire to learn I do not have my materials with me. The the rest of the time I am either at work, taken by my messy apartment: dishes that need to be done, vacuuming, laundry; or my hunger alert tells me I want food immediately and that I need to prepare tomorrow's meals, etc. This is all that I've done instead of doing my homework tonight. In fact this is my usual routine :) I even looked up a recipe and set it out on the counter to make chicken/ bean enchiladas! And now as you see I'm BLOGGING! I never blog but here I am!
I suppose to answer my own question- Education is important and I'd be very naive with out it. I would be stuck at my job now which I've been using as motivation to finish school. And its working... Wow. I'm going to start my home work! I'm excited now! Wierd. You just witnessed a sudden transformation in Camilla. Congratulations! Its rare- unless I want a tuna sandwich :) That's a different story for later though.