Friday, May 9, 2008

Starting summer off with a bang!

This week has been pretty amazing! A friend from St. George, Utah came up to play in the Alaska wilderness with superman and myself! Sweet times!
Sunday evening started off by blowing out her birthday candles and talking late into the night.
Monday we slept in, made a glorious breakfast of toast with eggs and Jimmy Dean sausage! We headed off to the UAA ice-rink to skate around. We laughed bunches because little girls that couldn’t have been more than 10 were ripping the place up while we were falling and running into walls. OK! So, I was the only one that ran into the wall… what ev! We chilled at home till 6 of us LADIES went to Orso’s for dinner. I had Calamari for my first time.
Tuesday we (us girls and superman) packed up our camping gear and headed out on the Old Seward Highway to Homer, Alaska. We drove 90 miles to the City of Hope (FYI… called Hope because the kids can only “Hope” to get out! Puny! ) We hiked 5.5 miles, starting in the Chugach National Forest and crossing into the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and then back. The ankles were rather sore but the view was worth every step! I shouldn’t be complaining though because I dragged superman along and he was sick but hardly said a word. Once we made it back to superman’s car we drove onward to Homer- another 167 miles. A quick stop in Soldotna provided a delicious snack to hold us over till dinner at Sals restaurant. Huge cinnamon rolls! We arrived in Homer at 10:00 ish pm, set up camp, ate, and played games before we fell asleep.
Wednesday morning we took a bike ride down the Homer spit to Lands End and skipped rocks on the beach. We roasted hotdogs for lunch over a fire and headed out. A quick stop in Soldotna for gas, a photo op at the wood carvings, and the snow caves in Turnagain Pass provided an opportunity to stretch out legs. We arrived home, cleaned up and ran to Diamond High School’s pool for a swim. We both hadn’t been for a while so it was very fun! We ate dinner late and popped in the movie Night at the Museum.
Thursday was a lazy day till mid afternoon. We went canoeing at Jewel Lake and had a short picnic on the water. FYI… We loaded the canoe onto our monster truck with our beefy arms and we have pictures to prove it. Too bad my brother could lift that sucker with his pinky if he wanted to while we struggled a bit, but we still did it! Us LADIES went to Glacier Brew House for dinner. I’ve found that I’m not fond of blue cheese! Can we say interesting?.... Then later this evening we said good bye at the airport.